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How do I know I can trust you?

We have over XX years of experience as a professional car buyer in Dubai. We have satisfied hundreds of customers by offering a good service over the past years in business. Our CTO, Sahan Sandaruwan, and advisors focus on customer experience more than anything. You are secure with all our services.

How long does the online valuation take?

It only takes a few minutes as long as you keep details about your car with you. So, we always recommend keeping your car details with you before you start the online valuation process. It asks for basic information like car mileage, year, etc.

How long does the inspection take?

If you come to our branch or we come to your house, your car inspection will usually be conducted by one of our inspectors in under 20 minutes.

Am I obliged to sell to you after my car inspection?

It may take only around 20 minutes to inspect your car. You can take the car to our location, or our team will reach you. In both cases, it may only take 20 minutes.

Why Should I Choose Car Zoo?

Our really quick and easy process allows you to save time while getting instant cash. Further, you can get the car inspection at the time that best suits you.

How do I know your price is fair?

We do our market research, and our team is always updated with the current market prices. You can compare our prices with other companies and know-how reasonable the prices we offer.

Can online valuation prices change after the inspection?

Basically, through the online valuation, we measure the value based on your car model, year, mileage, etc. You can get an idea about the current market prices through the online valuation. Anyway, the actual price will not be changed in a considerable amount as long as your car is in good condition.

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