about your car

Before you enter your car into the selling or valuation process, you should mind that your car is not dealing with the following issues.

If your car is with wear and tear, we presume that no serious technological breakdowns occurred.

  • Any technical modification and bodywork should not be done.
  • No non-runner cars are allowed. Make sure your car is in running condition.
  • There shouldn’t be mechanical failure, damage, or accident with the car.
  • The car is neither used as a private taxi nor rented or hired.
  • The car complies with GCC regulations and should not be an imported vehicle.

How to Buy Token?

Online Car Valuation

Website valuation prices are based on the information that you enter about your car. Sometimes this might be changed with the website’s technical faults. However, this can be used to get an idea about the price you can get from. After the onsite inspection, this price may vary according to the technical issues and the condition of your car. The final price will be determined by our team after the onsite inspection.

On-site Inspection

Your car will be physically inspected by our team of professionals according to your appointment. To determine the final offer for the car, we inspect your car’s history, features, and technical condition. Please note that if your car is a non-starter or has faced severe damages, we will not inspect your car to make an offer. Sometimes these kinds of issues will be affected by changing the online valuation price considerably.

What We Do

Our process is smooth and faster. You can sell your car within a few minutes at our location without worrying about unnecessary documents and procedures. First, book your appointment to arrange an onsite inspection of your car. Then the team will do all the inspections within a few minutes and will offer you the price. If you are happy with the price, we will quickly transform the ownership of your car and fill in all the documents for you. You will be provided instant cash to close the deal at the right moment.

Quoting the Cash Offer

The final price offered by our team will be based on the current market prices and the condition of your car. As a professional company, we update the market prices daily to give you the best possible deal. Therefore, all the prices we offer will be valid only for the same day. We refrain from buying your car for the prices we have offered before that day. If you need to sell your car the next day after your inspection, you will be required to do the inspection again.

How to Buy Token?

Our work process is very simple, your job will done just in 4 steps.



Fill out registration form


Upload your ID card

Add Bank

Connect your bank account


Buy tokens and pay